Provider FAQs

How does a provider refer a patient to Novello Imaging?

There are three ways to schedule a patient.  

  1. By phone – call 231-714-4306.

  2. Providers can refer a patient by faxing an order to Novello Imaging at 231-714-0077. Once a fax is received, a team member will reach out to the patient directly to schedule the exam.

  3. Request through our online portal. Contact us at 231.714.4306 or at to register for access to the portal.

Which insurances are accepted?

Novello accepts most insurances. The list of in-network insurances is listed here:

  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • RR Medicare
  • BCBS of Michigan
  • Blue Care Network
  • BCBS Advantage
  • Priority Health
  • Priority Advantage
  • Aetna
  • Aetna Better health
  • Cigna
  • Humana Choice Care
  • Mclaren Health plan (commercial and Medicaid)
  • Meridian

Please call if you have questions regarding other insurance plans. If you do not see your insurance listed, please call 231.714.4306.  We are continuously adding new insurances. 

(List up to date as of 1/9/22.)

How does a provider know which imaging can be done at Novello Imaging?

Novello Imaging provides Xray, Ultrasound, CT, and MRI services.  Please call 231.714.4306 if you have any questions regarding a specific imaging procedure.  Or visit our pricing sheet on our website, which outlines the most common exams done at Novello.  It is important to remember that Novello Imaging is an outpatient centered facility and does not handle emergent imaging matters.

Who does the pre-auth if required? And what info and forms are required?

Novello Imaging can assist with the pre-authorization service. Please contact us at 231-714-4306 to register for the service. For Novello to obtain the pre-authorization, Novello staff will need a recent progress note, demographics page, and patients’ insurance information faxed to 231-714-0077.

How is the patient scheduled? (Who communicates what with patient?)

Once Novello receives a provider requisition for an exam, a team member at Novello will reach out to the patient directly with the patient’s telephone number listed on the requisition.  A Novello team member will inform the referring provider office of the date of the patient’s appointment.

How soon are reports available?

Radiologist reports are to be created within 2 business days of the exam being performed.  It is important to keep in mind that not having the patient’s prior imaging, if the radiologist requires it, may slow down the final report process.  Novello Imaging recommends the patient bring their prior imaging to their appointment, so staff can have those ready for the radiologist.

How does a referring provider know when reports and images are available?

Once the report is generated, it is automatically faxed to the number listed for the provider on the order. The provider may also check the provider portal, located on our website, to view the images. 

How does a referring provider see reports? And images?

Once the report is generated, it is automatically faxed to the number listed for the provider on the order. Providers may register to view the images and access reports through Novello’s portal located on our website.  Please call 231-714-4306 or email us at to register for this portal. 

What if a referring provider wants to talk to the radiologist?

Please call Novello Imaging at 231-714-4306 and a team member will connect you with a radiologist. 

What happens, with patient and referring provider, if there is an urgent issue identified by the radiologist?

Before the patient leaves Novello, the technologist will speak with the Radiologist and will attempt to contact the ordering provider to determine the next steps for the patient.

Can other providers, such as neurosurgeons, ED, hospitalists, and orthopedic surgeons see the images and reports? If not, how can the images and reports be made available to those providers?

For other providers related to the patient’s care, they can access the patient’s images and report via a program through Novello’s Rapid Results portal on the website  after entering patient detail, the requesting provider will be emailed a link that will direct them to the patient’s imaging.  If the requesting provider is not set up with Rapid Results, then the provider may register for this portal by calling 231-714-4306 or emailing us at

If questions, how best to contact Novello Imaging?

For any questions, please contact Novello Imaging directly at 231-714-4306 or send an email to .


All appointments require an order from a healthcare provider.